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Stefan Dobrev

Studio owner Stefan, with over 40 years in the dance industry, is a former Bulgarian National Latin and 10-Dance Champion turned passionate instructor, coach, and judge in the US. Co-founder of Dance Excellence Ballroom alongside his wife Traci Dobrev, he finds joy in instilling confidence in students through the transformative power of dance.


Jim Maranto

Jim, a Chicago native and former National Honor Society member, transformed his ballroom dancing hobby into a distinguished career, co-founding the Academy of Ballroom Dance in Phoenix with his teacher-turned-partner, Jenell. Jim is a two-time U.S. Professional American Smooth Champion and international competitor.


John Elsbury

John, along with his wife Olga, are the first franchise owners of a Dance Vision Studio. John has grown his business to 7 studios across Dallas and Houston over 5 years, and is also a Dance Vision Examiner. He continues to travel to country to adjuticate ballroom dance competitions.


Michael Choi

A distinguished dance educator and Dance Vision Examiner in American Smooth, International Ballroom, and International Latin. Michael began his journey in the late '90s Swing revival.


Lisa Vegas

Lisa Vegas, from an early ballerina to a nationally acclaimed choreographer and United States 9-Dance Champion, has significantly influenced Cleveland's DanceSport scene. She now focuses on competing nationally with her pro-am students, earning multiple titles.


Michael Mead

Michael and Toni Redpath, renowned for their undefeated record in the Professional United States American Smooth Championships from 1999 - 2002, now coach top U.S. dance couples and judge competitions globally from their base in San Diego.


Toni Redpath

Australian-born Toni Redpath, who started ballroom dancing at nine, later became a U.S. Smooth Champion with partner Michael Mead. Post-retirement, she now choreographs, trains world-class dancers, and judges major competitions.


Marzena Stachura

Marzena Stachura, originally from Szczecin, Poland, is a celebrated 4-time US and World Professional American Smooth Champion and Polish dance titleholder. Post-retirement in 2013, she now excels as a judge, competition organizer, and passionate teacher.


Slawek Sochacki

Slawek, originally a Polish National Champion, achieved acclaim in the U.S. as a 4-time Undefeated US and World American Smooth Champion with Marzena from 2010-2013. They now direct Dance Vision's Mastery Camps in Las Vegas, run a dance academy, and are proud parents of two.


Nazar Norov

Nazar Norov and Irina, starting their dance journey in Siberia and rising to 3x undefeated U.S. and World American Rhythm Champions, have transitioned from a successful competitive career to mentoring top-level dancers worldwide, including National and World Pro-Am Champions.


Lori Woods

Lori Woods-Gay, Dance Vision's Senior Advisor of our Teacher Association, is a prominent Dance Vision Examiner and co-author of the latest American Rhythm Syllabus Manual. Lori has been a pivotal player in the development of the American Smooth and Rhythm Syllabi.


Babette Brown

Originally from Salzburg, Austria, "BB" is a former fashion model and accomplished ballroom dancer, now turned professional dance studio owner and consultant in Los Angeles. Despite medical challenges, she has achieved success in various dance forms, including winning Scottish Professional Latin and 10 Dance titles, and now pursues her passion for acting.


Dean Abraham

Dean, former liaison officer at the Blackpool Dance Festival, is a current Dance Vision Examiner in American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Ballroom, and International Latin and a World Class Adjudicator.


Maria Hansen

Maria Hansen, transitioning from ballet and gymnastics to ballroom dancing in 1986, quickly rose to prominence, representing the U.S. in international competitions. She is now a renowned Adjuticator, Dance Vision Examiner and co-organizer of the Vegas Open Dance Championships.


Melanie Sandvig

Melanie Sandvig, a distinguished professional dancer and teacher in Orlando, is celebrated for her precise and beautiful styling, reminiscent of neoclassical artistry. Her expertise significantly impacted your dance journey during your time together.


Natalie Paramonov

Natalie Paramonov, a celebrated ballroom Latin American dancer, has achieved prestigious titles including U.S. National Professional South American Show Dance Champion and Canadian National Professional Latin Champion, noted for her high energy and innovative routines.


Denise Rivera

Denise, a three-time British National Showdance Blackpool Champion and World Finalist, extends her expertise beyond the competition floor now. She spends her time adjudicating, teaching competitive couples, and broadcasting, in hopes to inspire and shape the next generation of dance performers.

Chairman of Judges

David Don

Master of Ceremonies

Timothy Mason

Music Director

David Innis

Deck Captain

Gigi La Valle


Marie Roberts


Esther Ching

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